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Special Skin Care trial set

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A new, limited-edition contains 5 must-have trial-size products in a pretty reusable pouch, which will make everything look simple and minimalist.



hath's trial kit takes the stress out of packing toiletries for you, combining all the skincare essentials that you need whilst you’re away, in a travel eco-designed pouch.

The Chrono Gel Cleanser is formulated with a combination of naturally derived surfactant, which effectively preserve our natural skin oils level after cleanse. Composed with 92.47% natural origin ingredients. Infused with purest Geranium & Chamomile essential oil delivers elegant and refreshing aroma. Skin is perfectly clean, smoothed, hydrated and refreshed.

The Chrono Silk Moisturizer is a day & night moisturizer formulated to help enhance day and nighttime skin functions, produce a steady rhythm to repair & maintain the skin. Improve skin from rough & drying caused by irregular lifestyle & stress. Its refreshing, lightweight texture melts on the skin, is quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy finish. Upon application, your skin is more comfortable and supple, and your complexion looks fresher. Infused with Geranium oil for the ultimate sensorial relaxation experience.

The Chrono Hydra Soothing Lotion is a special formulated lotion with 12 natural botanical secrets from Japan that contains double moisturizing effect, powerful soothing and anti-inflammatory properties which special designed for use in baby skin. Leaving skin soft, hydrates & reinforces the skin’s natural functions that reveals a dewy & healthy skin condition. The earthy aroma of the lotion gives an aromatherapy experience that bring us back to our roots in nature, allowing us to recharge and reset our natural balance.

The Fresh On+ is an advanced formula version of hydrating essence. This lightweight and easily absorbed essence leaves skin feeling soft, long lasting hydration. It generally helps :

  • Boost production of Hyaluronic acid naturally in your skin.
  • Superior moisturizing effects to keep your skin hydrated & retain make up all day long.
  • Gives instant hydration to skin

* Details functions may refer to original size page

The Bright On+ is an advanced formula version of brightening essence. It is enriched with Wine Grape extract and Tangerine Peel extract which provides synergetic effect in targeting skin problem. It generally helps 

  • Minimize pore size
  • Improve skin clarity, brightness
  • Give skin healthy glow
  • Lightens acne scars

* Details functions may refer to original size page


What it includes:

  • 5ml Chrono Gel Cleanser
  • 5ml Chrono Silk Moisturiser
  • 20ml Chrono Hydra Soothing Lotion
  • 5ml Fresh On+ (Advance Hydrating Essence)
  • 5ml Bright On+ (Advance Brightening Essence)
  • RM5 special gift voucher