Chrono Beauty

Chrono Beauty is the new trend in beauty era and hath proud to brings it for you. Our body and skin cells have biological clock to make a functional rhythm and our skin functions are depending on the clock genes in skin cells. The functional rhythm will be affected by irregular life style, sleeping late , device bluelight and etc. So Chrono beauy is a concept how it can helps to regulate the skin fucntions and increase the skin absorption function to the max

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About hath

establish since 2017. Wish to make everyone has a healthy skin with the natural ingredients from all over the world

  • Founder - CY

    To start a brand that no one knows is challenging. Formulating a natural product isn't easy compare to normal skin care product, but we are passionate to do it because we want to bring a natural product with affordable price to customers. Customer satisfaction is always our motivation , thanks to all our customers who always support us

  • Founder - Lyn

    We aim to create and merge the idea of natural skin care products with high skincare cosmetic standard which only use natural and high quality ingredients. We want to be among clean beauty cosmetics, so customer can feel safe and choose the best products for their skin type.

  • Founder - F.N

    hath is a brand that start from love. It was started with my besties and begin with spreading the self-developed, self-used and self-love product to the world. And I believe with this original intention will definitely gather more love to hath