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5ml Essence set

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BRIGHT ON+ is an advanced formula version with a new concept of chrono beauty’s product.

2 main actives ingredients :  Tangerine Peel extract & Wine Grape extract from Japan.

Tangerine Peel extract helps to boost skin’s barrier against environmental factor that damage skin which gives skin a healthy glow by improving skin firming, clarity & brightness. 

Fresh On+ is an advanced formula version with a new concept of chrono beauty’s product. 

2 main actives ingredients from Japan : Okra extract and Wine Grape extract.

Okra extract boosts Hyaluronic acid naturally in your skin to keep skin hydrate and smooth. The added moisture will help skin absorb the beneficial botanical actives deep into the dermal layer of your skin

Wine grape regulates skin biological clock that makes a functional rhythm to increase skin instinctive function, which increase daytime and nighttime skin function.

This advanced formulation raises the effectiveness of essence to maximum. 

Direction to use : 

After cleaning & toning, apply evenly over the face & neck. Gently massage until it fully absorbed. Use it twice daily for optimum effect.



All products go through microbes and heavy metal lab tests in every batch of production before marketed 

Products are approved by KKM with registered NOT Number.

Fresh ON+ : NOT200600703K

Bright On+ : NOT200600702K