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5ml cleanser+moisturiser set

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The Chrono Gel Cleanser is formulated with a combination of naturally derived surfactant, which effectively preserve our natural skin oils level after cleanse. Composed with 92.47% natural origin ingredients. Infused with purest Geranium & Chamomile essential oil delivers elegant and refreshing aroma. Skin is perfectly clean, smoothed, hydrated and refreshed.

The Chrono Silk Moisturizer is a day & night moisturizer formulated to help enhance day and nighttime skin functions, produce a steady rhythm to repair & maintain the skin. Improve skin from rough & drying caused by irregular lifestyle & stress. Its refreshing, lightweight texture melts on the skin, is quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy finish. Upon application, your skin is more comfortable and supple, and your complexion looks fresher. Infused with Geranium oil for the ultimate sensorial relaxation experience.


What it includes:

  • 5ml Chrono Gel Cleanser
  • 5ml Chrono Silk Moisturiser